European Database of Rare Diseases (ORPHANET)
ERA-Net for Research Programs on Rare Diseases (E-Rare)
European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited disorders of Metabolism (ERNDIM)
Metabolic Biochemistry Network (METBIONET)
Network for Genetic Metabolic Diseases Detectable by Newborn Screening (METABNET)
Euro Gentest Network
The Human Gene Mutation Database - HGMD
Human Metabolome Database - HMDB
European Platform for Rare Diseases Registries (EPIRARE)
Brains for Brain (B4B)
Pompe Center
European Concerted Action on Congenital Anomalies and Twins (European Surveillance of Congenital anomalies) (EUROCAT)
Inherited Neurometabolic Diseases Information Network (INNERMED)
Treatable Intellectual Disability (Treatable-ID)
GeneReviews-NCBI Bookshelf